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James Merrill Real Estate Vinyard Land

“Jim has been my exclusive agent for many years, successfully completing several vineyard, apple orchard and open ground deals for me. He’s very thorough with the details and surprises that always come up. He can think fast during the heat of negotiations. And he’s honest, discreet and loyal.” --- Frank Logoluso Logoluso Farms, Madera, CA


James Merrill Real Estate Cattle Land

“Our family has used Jim for their real estate needs since the early 1980s. We’ve given him several challenging projects, and he gets them done, even if there’s lots of folks involved and it takes years. His word is his bond, never a question of that. He’s part of our outfit.” --- Jerry Page, Weldon Cattle Company, Tollhouse, CA


James Merrill Real Estate Row Crop

“ Jim has been the bank’s property manager since 1984 on the 700 acres of vegetable ground we lease, and come renewal time, he’s always been thorough and fair with us and the bank. We’ve made lots of ranch improvements with his help. He does his homework. We like that.” ---- Dick Donati, Rancho Guadalupe, Santa Maria, CA


“As our Agricultural Asset Manager for our $58 Million trust portfolio for the past 27 years, Jim has handled every issue involving our farms and their farm tenants in the San Joaquin and Santa Maria Valleys. We rely on him, and he’s delivered.” -----Lynne C. Johnston, Executive Vice President and Trust Officer, Borel First Bank & Trust Company, San Mateo, CA


“We’ve sold everything from rangeland to a feed store through Jim. He gets results every time. He’s represented friends we’ve recommended and they agree that he’s a professional.” ---- Sheryl and Randy Berry, TECO Livestock & Feed, Madera, CA

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